About Us


Keri & Brittany

The search to find the perfect bathing suit is always an experience in itself, so why not make it our own and make them not only affordable but easily available to everyone. We wanted real bathing suits for real people. So the process began! All of a sudden we were designing bathing suits, requesting fabric samples, deciding on logos, etc. This whole process has been a lot of work, staying up hours on end just so we could see the finished result. But it has been completely worth every sleepless night. Getting to watch our brand start out and begin to develop has been a dream come true for the both of us.

We get asked frequently how we came up with our company name. Keri (on the left in photo) decided that we both needed to pick something that means something to us. Keri picked Summer, this isn't only because you can always find a Florida girl in a bikini all "Summer" long, but this is also the name she picked out to name her first daughter (which we can now say a couple years later she got to do just that). Brittany (on the right in photo) picked Rae. Rae is Brittany's middle name and has been passed down for generations in her family, but also you wear a bikini all "Summer" long to get the suns "Rae's"! Yes we thought it was pretty clever. So we conjoined the two words and came up with "Summer Rae".

We hope you enjoy the end result as much as we enjoyed the process! Thank you for supporting us!


Get Hooked on Summer!